Benefits of replacing our fuel injector

 When it comes to fuel injectors, a lot of car owners don’t consider them as part of car maintenance until problems arise. Fuel injectors are responsible for injecting the right amount of fuel to the combustion engine. A problem in the fuel injector is usually detected during a routine car check-up. Don’t ignore the signs of a broken fuel injector. If your car technician says they need to be replaced then you should follow the rules. Here are benefits of replacing your fuel injector.

It fixes turbo troubles.

Dirty and clogged fuel injectors in turbocharged engines may lead to unexpected damage or detonations. When your engine is at a higher RPM and the injectors are not able to keep up with the fuel demand, it can cause temperatures in the exhaust to rise and eventually detonate your engine. Keeping your fuel injectors clean and replacing them when necessary will safeguard you from turbo troubles and major accidents associated with it.

It reduces heat soak.  

When you use your car daily and take long drives, residues from heat soak can clog your injector. The clogging can increase overtime causing your injector to malfunction. When this happens you need to have your fuel injector checked with a reliable technician and have it replaced when necessary. Heat soak happens when the engine is shut off after a long drive. Instead of cooling right away, the fuel residue evaporates gradually to the injector nozzles which will later on form big particles that prevent cool air from passing through. Changing your fuel injector will help remedy this situation and keep your engine running smoothly.

It increases resistance.

When fuel injectors weaken, they lose their resistance to the spring and fuel pressure. Too much pressure may cause the injectors to not open. When the resistance is weakened, your fuel injector can start exhibiting further problems causing your entire engine to malfunction. Checking your fuel injector on a regular basis and replacing them in due time will help increase its resistance. This helps your car to function more efficiently when during long drives.  Your technician will normally check your fuel injector using an ohmmeter. As soon as your technician finds the problem, you should know what to decide.


If you get in a jam and don’t replace your fuel injector, your car will eventually clog up and break down. Call our friends at Denver Tow Truck Company if you are in the Denver metropolitan area.

But, you can avoid all that by simply cleaning your fuel system once a year.

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